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boring monetary policy environment. nothing has happened. a lot of detailed nuances, minor changes in wording in the fed statement. actually, that's what we ought to want. monetary policy ought to be as boring as the electricity supply. when you turn the light switch on you want allied-signal one. you don't need to know anything more. that's where we are right now. but there is an issue lurking in the background that needs to be discussed. it is not being discussed in the market or in the fed. cheryl: what is it? >> that issue, that issue has to do with congress -- granting that fed the party in 2008 to pay interest on bank reserves. and that interest is now only about 5 billion per year at 25 basis points. but at an interest rate of 1 percent where the fed is going to be going in some places along the way that would be four times as much. assuming that reserves are in the neighborhood of 2 trillion which is where they are no. as the fed goes of, go to 2% that doubles once again. think about the fiscal clef the legislation that was accomplished at the very end of last year, signed
of orders for commercial vehicles is coming up pretty nicely. so i think that the environment looks pretty bright for this part of the world. here again, we are continuously outperforming. we have been able to grow the revenues by 32% over the last few years. i would not say that europe is yet on this kind of recovery. i would say that europe is what i would call a holding pattern. it is such a great power. connell: given all the problems thhy have had, i know what you mean. >> you cannot think long-term of europe not been to a recovery. what we have here is outperforming every year. connell: when you plan for the future, the company makes auto parts. what do you think about? >> we do a lot of electronically driven systems. automatic manual transposition systems. and a lot of systems. connell: when you are planning out for the future, how far do you look? when one buffett invests, a lot of times it is a long-term outlook. what is your horizon is a ceo? >> it is important to be looking at long-term, taking care of short-term opportunities. ten years ago we focused on the ahead of competitio
. cheryl: ideal economic environment, you're looking at the economy even though we had kind of a mixed picture today and then, again, corporate valuations. that's the bulls' side of this. john, i know you're bearish. you're calling for serious corrections on the s&p and dow. you're saying it's going to happen sooner rather than later. what are you seeing on the other side of the coin here? >> well, look, when things are euphoric, which they are, when alan greenspan comes out and says pie stocks along with the movie stars and, of course, our good friend, ned, then you should be looking to sell. and i'd also like to say this, i was on the show here last april 2012, we were pounding the table then, but right now you've got some real headwinds, and i'll give you a few of them. one, gdp is benign, .1%, you know, in fourth quarter of 2012. analyzed numbers are running around 2%, it just isn't keeping up. unfortunately, the treasury market is not confirming here. you know, if the ten-year was at 275, i'd say we'd probably leg up here, not happening. you know, and i think, thirdly, look at ear
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3